About us

EP Logistics International

EP Logistics International (EPLI) was created based on EPH's subsidiaries, which deal with logistics specializing in business partners´ transport needs. The range of activities include not only rail freight, freight forwarding, rental of railway rolling stock and intermodal operations, but also staffing and training of employees for railway work. It offers premium services and complex logistics solutions.

We have a strong representation in the Czech Republic, Poland and we cooperate with logistics companies owned by other EPH entities such as MiBRAG and LEAG.

Since its inception, EP Logistics International has achieved steady and dynamic growth. The transformation of the company, from the very beginning to a profitable company of renowned name, employing 600 people and operating 70 own locomotives and more than 2000 railway wagons and 100 silo tanks, took 8 years.


Board of Directors


Tomáš Novotný

Head of The Board


Radim Kotlář

Member of The Board


Jana Vládková

Member of The Board


Zbigniew Klepacki

Member of The Board / Executive Director